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"Thanks so much to Kevin for helping us out with our noise issues that restrict so many of our rotary powered vehicles to be driven around on the streets. NZ certification requires noise checks for exhaust and AES mufflers and resonators certainly fixed this problem for us. I have installed this in my mazda rx3 20b PP Na street car with 3 inch resonator and 3 inch muffler. Also I have used 3 1/2 inch system on my 9sec mazda r100 and this certainly has sorted out noise issues without loss of power. We are currently working alongside Kevin on being the NZ distributor of these mufflers and resonators. AES the only way to go with keeping your noisy cars quiet." - Azhar Bhamji (4 & Rotary New Zealand)



“AES race mufflers are engineered like no other and this why I trusted them for my overseas 24hr races at Nurburgring, there is no compromise in performance or sound for the endurance races I have raced in.”  - Ric Shaw  (Rotary Specialist)



“I have sold and fitted AES Rotary Mufflers for several years. They have a quieter, deep sound without loss of power. They are of straight through design for maximum flow. Custom sizes are available to make fitting easier. They handle the high temperatures that are generated by rotary engines. They are of robust design. As customers cars return for a dyno-tune that were fitted with these mufflers years back I have noticed that they are still doing the job well. I have no problem recommending them”

-Kevin Webb (South Coast Rotary Performance)-                                                                       

"The muffler is beautiful and the note is just how I wanted the car to sound. I was in Sydney last weekend for the Sports Compact Jamboree and with Troy from Vis Rotary and Justin from Black Track Performance and we were all talking about how nice your mufflers are. Thanks and well done".


 -Brad Baker (Bo Chassis & Race Cars)


"I have tried several brands of mufflers on my customers cars and the one that I prefer is  AES. They are quieter with a deep sound. They are straight through without baffles or chambers so the flow capability is as good as it gets without the cop attracting noise. Kevin is easy to deal with and provides custom sizes quickly. Unless something else becomes available at a reasonable price , which I doubt , I will continue to use them in the future".

-Troy (Vis Rotary)-